We get a lot of questions about how we are going to help families end up with the right puppy. When you

have decided you are ready, you have all sorts of desires for how that puppy will look, what that puppy

will be like, and the type of companionship that puppy will bring your family. It is an exciting time, and a

time that can also be filled with some anxiety.

At Greystone we utilize a combination of different assessment and evaluations for temperament testing.

We will do our best to provide each family with a puppy that is everything they are hoping for. We ask for as much feedback as possible about what each individual family is hoping for, wanting, or needing and we will work with each family to identify the puppy that is best suited for them. It is important for each family to remember, the more specific you are about what you want, the longer it may take to find the perfect puppy. Since temperament is our priority, we will always look at that first. If you are very specificin what you want, then you’ll need to expect there to be the possibility that you’ll need to move to anotherreservation list, if we do not have a puppy option that has a good deal of the qualities you are wanting, and a suitable temperament.


Here are the sequence of events for every waiting family:

  • When puppies are born, all those who are on that reservation list are sent a puppy birth announcement and birth pictures. Every two weeks after we will send an update along with new pictures. Please be aware that puppies change drastically between birth and 6 months of age, and most will end up being very similar in look once the coat is fully developed. We wait two weeks in between pictures so that you can see definite growth and changes. We will also take quick pictures on our phone in between these updates, and those pictures will be posted to our Greyston Facebook page. If you want to follow those pictures and updates, please visitFacebook and “like” our business page at https://m.facebook.com/greystonelabradoodles/

  • In the birth announcement, we will let families know of the scheduled shipping date. Only one shipping date is typically scheduled for each litter as we live three hours away from the main airport in Portland, Oregon, and it is an 8-12 hour day away from home and we need to arrange for someone to be at our home to care for other puppies and dogs.

  • With the birth announcement and each update at two week intervals, we will provide details on the litter so you can feel as much a part of the raising process as possible. We will also provide you our Puppy Information Packet that is filled with information you will want to be reviewing as you wait for your new puppy.

  • At 6 weeks of age, we will finalize our assessments of each puppy, and look at what each family has indicated wanting. Everything is considered. Size, color, gender, coat type, temperament, and ability to perform specific therapy roles, if this has also been the intent for a family. With all the different things each family typically indicates they want, it is usually narrowed down very quickly to only one or possibly two puppies fitting all those desires or as many of those desires as possible. That puppy, or puppies, are the ones we will email each family the information about. If there is more than one option, the family will choose between them.

Once these are done, we have a good picture of what each puppy is like, and what type of home

and environment is ideal for them. It is important to understand that although assessments give insight

into a puppy’s personality, there are limitations on the temperament test’s ability to predict how a dog will

behave when it joins the new family. The most important factor in dog behavior is the training and

socialization they receive throughout their life. Any puppy can be trained, regardless of how they are

assessed in a temperament test. Assessments are done while puppies are still developing mentally and

physically, and there are a wide variety of things that can affect their behavior after assessments are

complete and puppies join their families quickly to only one or possibly two puppies fitting all those desires or as many of those desires as possible. That puppy, or puppies, are the ones we will email each family the information about. If there is more than one option, the family will choose between them.

  • Final payment and signed copies of the health warranty and contract will be requested and are due by the time puppies are 7 weeks of age. This applies even to families picking up their puppy in person. Money order or wire transfer only will be accepted for the final payment.

  • 7 weeks of age all our ALAA registered labradoodle puppies will have a microchip inserted and first vaccination will be administered.

  • Between 8 and 9 weeks of age puppies will join their new families! The week they leave us we will send out a puppy adoption gift for those who are having their puppy flown to them. For those picking up in person, this adoption gift will be provided to you at the time you pick up your puppy. The adoption gift includes a leash, collar, training treats, nylabone, stuffy toy, and a puppy bathing towel or blanket. All paperwork will be sent attached to the top of the crate, or will be in your gift bag at the time puppy is picked up.

  • 9 months of age, your ALAA papers will be mailed to you as soon as we have proof of spay/neuter. You will need to join the ALAA as a pet member in order to transfer the registration papers into your name and to receive your certified pedigree.

  • It is our sincerest hope to provide each and every family the puppy of their dreams. We do not promise a perfect puppy, but we do our best to provide a puppy that you will love, and will fit into your home and life with the least amount of challenges possible. Every puppy will come with a need for training, socialization, and exercise. Even the most mellow and naturally well-mannered puppy will need you to put in your best effort in these areas to ensure they become the adult dog you are wanting for your family.

       -Jenna Stuckey

         Greystone Australian Labradoodles