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Greystone Labradoodles is Life's Abundance field representative

Greystone Labradoodles is an
Independent Field Representative for
Life's Abundance premium dog food.



As dog lovers and loving breeders what we feed our dogs and puppies is very meaningful to us. Our dogs must rely on us to do the best we can for them and advocate for their health. So wether it is the first kibble that ever goes into a puppy's mouth, the daily meals for our aging pals, or the nutrition that our breeding dogs need to support them for a healthy pregnancy and raising their puppies, we desire a dog food that is nutritionally dense, free of subpar ingredients and mindfully created. Let's face it, the worst thing about dogs is that they do not live long enough. This is why it is so important to make sure they are getting healthy, carefully selected, quality food and treats. 


Finding a great food has been a journey for us. We are not going to name names, but what we have discovered is that not all premium dog food is created equal. When we switched to LA it did not take long for it to impress even us! We have honestly never witnessed such unbelievably shiny coats, vibrant eyes, healthy, fit, happy dogs and healthy puppies!

Image by Olga Thelavart
mini Australian labradoodle breeder


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